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Dylan. 23. Brisbane, Australia.

I'm annoying and I try too hard to be funny. I am faking my way through a writing degree and masking my extreme fear of failure with a deluge of bad puns.

I'm also the Hazelnoots Guy.

Lizzie is finally watching Ugly Betty and it makes me so happy bc this show is really important to me and I know how much she’ll love it YAY UGLY BETTY


one time i said “no hetero, no hetero” in school

and this popular athletic straight boy sittin in front of me turned around super slow and looked at me and went “no… hetero?” in the TINIEST MOST BROKEN VOICE IMAGINABLE like he looked and sounded so timid and confused and he was looking at me like his whole life has been a lie because he realized he might be sitting near a queer person

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You should also talk about Sam Wilson too. Did you know that gap teeth was thought to mean that someone was particularly lustful?

Oh my god

you know clint barton loves katy perry, right

I’m glad Lizzie liked this because I spent three minutes laughing at my own joke before I sent it.
Anonymous said: you're a beautiful fairy princess and i love you so much

Anonymous said: do you know who else wants to talk about steve's everything? phil.

Phil Coulson going door-to-door with home made pamphlets and asking people if they’ve heard the good news about our saviour.

Anonymous said: Honestly, you are probably one of the funniest guys on Tumblr and should receive a medal. You're also at least an 8/10 even in your pj's. You have strong moral's and always push through every milestone and move onto the next one. I'm just gonna post this on anon because I can, but even though life might be tough right now, it will always get better. Idk, I just thought you could use a compliment after seeing your blog.


LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT MY BISEXUAL CAP FEELINGS OKAY he went through puberty with bucky and it freaked him out because he had all these weird feelings every time he saw bucky without a shirt on and he had heard about a kid down the block who got beat up for liking guys and he was terrified.  but then bucky started setting him up on dates and he realized that he liked girls! thank goodness!! I must not be a queer after all!! and he just sort of ignore all the feelings for bucky.  because he really did like the girls, too.  he loved peggy.  and then he woke up in 2012 and just.  idk maybe tony explained it to him, uncharacteristically serious, or maybe bruce did, kindly.  and then he got it, and everything made sense, and he wasnt afraid any more.  and he met sam and he just.  didnt even try not to fall for him.

talk shit (about fran drescher) get hit (by a car, preferably)