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Dylan. 23. Brisbane, Australia.

I'm annoying and I try too hard to be funny. I am faking my way through a writing degree and masking my extreme fear of failure with a deluge of bad puns.

I'm also the Hazelnoots Guy.

  • WiFi: connected
  • Me: then fucking act like it
Anonymous said: just the other day I was thinking about something about body image and how I'm starting to exercise again because I like it and not because of what will happen to my body, and feeling good about myself, and was like in my head, fat people are hot pass it on, and felt happy. thought you'd like to know. i love that phrase. you da best. keep on loving dem tummies. tummies need love too.

anon, you are a beautiful spring daisy and this message is makin me feel like a happy lil bug!!

As a wannabe writer, all I ever want is for my words to resonate with someone and I know it was just a silly little text post but I’m so friggin happy that it stuck with you.

Also, I’m very proud of you for your feelings about exercise! I managed to have the same shift in thinking last year, so I know just how good that feels. Good for you!







Jared Padalecki is a shitty douchebag xo


All he did was say if there were any regular female characters on the show he feels like it would take away the most important aspect of the show. Sam and deans relationship. I don’t understand why people like you have an issue with that especially when he’s right?

He’s a misogynist and so are you haha 💜~*

If you think that statement makes me misogynist than your just ignorant and that’s all I’m gunna say about it.

stay pressed, tumblr user kaylatren2000 



Short shorts are not readily available or acceptable for men and that upsets me because the weather today is perfect for showing off my gams.

Dylan it was one degree when I left for work this morning what are you talking about?!

It was about 20 today, with a light breeze. Lots of sunshine. Hope it keeps up next weekend - I’m heading to the beach!



friend: “who’s your favourite soul singer?”


for some reason i decided to watch season five of eureka and now my heart is tearing itself into tiny little bits

anonymous Supernatural fans in my ask box haha stay pressed

If you are just innately more attracted to slim bodies than fat ones, that is honestly okay, but I personally will never understand it. When the time comes for body shots, and my boyfriend can get two standard drinks of vodka into my navel, you’re gonna lament that flat stomach you’re sipping thimble-sized nips of booze from.

"All he did was say that it’s more important to focus on the male protagonists’ feelings than it is to include women!!! WHY ARE YOU VILIFYING HIM??????"