Just saw the headline “Actor Isaiah Washington ‘lost everything’ after calling a gay castmate ‘faggot’” and i’m laugh

Girl in Dymocks calling Humbert Humbert’s relationship with Lolita “so beautiful and tragic”


thorin has low elf esteem

nail care and decoration become popular for men, but they struggle to masculise the word for it and have to ask women to start calling theirs a ‘womanicure’

I don’t know why I’m worried about my career as a writer; seems like there’s still a mint to be made in proofreading.

I’ve mixed a mug of Tension Tamer with a sachet of Lemsip and it looks like the urine of someone dying of old age, but it tastes so dang good


"The dog can die in Metal Gear Solid V"


fuck it, i’m out. i’m not having another fucking fable ii on my hands here

i just want to wear little shorts all the time forever