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Dylan. 23. Brisbane, Australia.

I'm annoying and I try too hard to be funny. I am faking my way through a writing degree and masking my extreme fear of failure with a deluge of bad puns.

I'm also the Hazelnoots Guy.

order pizza

pizza delivery is lit the biggest ever rip off i would rather starve

nothing is open today and i have nothing for dinner and also i have no car so i can’t just go and get dinner someone come pick me up

itsnotovertonight replied to your post: ah yes, the traditional easter chode

That looks like the scrotum of the The Thing from Fantastic Four.

ah yes, the traditional easter chode

i’m literally the only person in any given group i hang out with who leaves crack sweat on the seat when everyone stands up


"hail hydra"? pffft, name five of their albums

Anonymous said: I'm really hoping that the hog body comments were taken out of context - though I can't see how. Though I think Bianca would have defended adore if it was a true attack? I don't know, it was still a pretty dirtbag thing to say though

My thoughts exactly. Bianca would’ve stepped in, because she’s a fair person and it was an unfair comment, so we obviously can’t be sure of how much of the tone was due to editing.

That said, whether or not Courtney intended any malice is immaterial; she obviously knows just how insecure Adore is about her body, and to use that against her - even playfully - is definitely a shitty move.

Anonymous said: The hogbody comments were obviously jokes...

Jokes for which Courtney took advantage of one of Adore’s biggest insecurities.

Comedy gold, am I right?

raxacoricofallapatronus replied to your post “i really wanna dress like Rik Mayall in The Young Ones??????”

You should try for the Vyvyan look. Glue some metal stars to your forehead

i am so attracted to Vyvyan Bastard it’s not funny

It’s on the go! channel

i’m already in bed and i’m watching the young ones my life is so hard